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hoping for... but the fans e still standing behind their 49-ers. last night not quite the return they were hoping for, but the fans are still standing behind their 49ers. last night's devastating loss turned into optimism for next season. >> all right, we lost life. >> who turned off the lights at
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the super bowl? we'll take you behind the scenes to see what went wrong. and friends and family in shock at anguish. trying to figure out how the teen's body ended up in a park. good evening i'm less -- elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. dozens of people welcomed them back this afternoon at san jose's airport. and as kpix5 reporter shows us there were more waiting at the headquarters. >> reporter: yeah, they were there since 9:00 this morning, which means they were happy to wait to get a glimpse of the team. talk about the faithfuls indeed. >> reporter: it's not quite a victory parade, but it will have to do for now. the buses arrive where they have been waiting for hours. as they left, many players
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didn't even acknowledge the fans. but a few did. the linebacker patrick willis rolled down their windows and waved. they slowed down and high fived the lucky few. >> how is that in >> awesome. >> reporter: some players actually stopped among the chaos. the linebacker signed autographs, taking pictures with every single fan that wanted one. >> does it help make you feel better for all the fans? >> yesterday was yesterday. you know? >> and sorry we didn't bring home number 6. >> we'll get it next time. >> reporter: one of the most anticipated player was colin kaepernick with the halfway and the slice mark. >> he is just looking at it. >> but he just lost the super bowl. >> yeah, but everybody was all happy for it. at least he could wave. >> reporter: the man getting the loudest cheers was the head
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coach jim harbaugh who was grateful. >> thank you very much. it was a great run. thanks for all your support. >> reporter: shaking harbaugh's hands. >> the are you crying? >> no, i lost my voice as i'm happy. >> yesterday we got to see the game, but we don't care because we're going to win next year. >> reporter: it's what they needed to help put sunday behind them. what's next? a lot of these players are looking forward to next year. >> all right, thank you. the players were not the only ones flying home. 49er fans started showing up early at the international airport to shrink out of new orleans this morning. despite the painful loss, a few people complained. >> it was fantastic. a great experience. i came here with my two sons.
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just a great time. >> yeah, the city apparent liege tore have them come back some day for departing passengers that got a thank you note from the major offering a chance to win the trip back to the big easy. they might be best returned for not what happens under the lights, but what happens when they went out. the camera was rolling when the game went dark. >> reporter: the roof caused the 34 minutes of darkness remaining under investigation. the super dome man shed some light on the blackout. saying it was tied to the sudden shut down of one of the main electrical lines. thornton said that power of the went dwi was being fed into the substation. setting two main lines to the stadium. the main a-line that went dark
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without warning. >> there will was a sense of abnormalities and it shut the super dome. >> reporter: it happened 90 seconds into the third quarter. we were in the command center. the man in charge of super bowl game day operations. >> all right. we lost light. >> reporter: the most the lights went out a sense of uncertainty filled the room. >> frank, we lost the ap, which means we need to do the bus side. about a 20-minute delay. >> they played havoc left on the sideline reporters to tell millions of viewers what was happening inside the half lit stadium. >> there is no danger. no one has been injured of any time. we've got a lot of officials running around wanting to get the game back on.
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>> reporter: on both both thornton and roger goodell put one rumor to rest. a show powered by a separate set of generators. >> no indication at all that it was caused by the half-time show. >> reporter: super dome officials have spent millions of dollars upgrading their electrical systems since hurricane katrina. on the picture perfect day, new orleans had rolled out the party mat. goodell indicated that the incident would not affect their temperatures to host the future super bowls. >> this is a clue for something to be fixed and a clue to prepare for and we will. >> reporter: the next super bowl will be played here in the new york area at metlife stadium. they will now take a closer look at that stadium's power supply and back-up plans. cbs news, new york.
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that's still fewer than the 111 million viewers back in 2010 and 2011. with the super bowl over, the farewell season for the 49ers at candlestick park is officially underway. including their ultimate demise. we'll, plain lathe on in the news -- we'll explain lathe on in the newscast. we are learning more about a 13-year-old girl found murdered in a fairfield park. tonight her family tells joe vazquez that the young teen had a very tough life. >> she had a family, people that loved her. she was loved. we loved her. >> reporter: they asked us not to show her faces on tv because they're afraid of a killer still on the loose. they are family members of a murdered 13-year-old girl who also say that fairfield police asked them not to give out too much information. >> we had a dance contest.
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there were 20 people. she won hands down. and she had a lot of spirit. >> reporter: the victim's name is listed right here, but she assumed her mother's last name. saying she's been a foster child much of her life, most recently living in vallejo before that. she has endured struggles related to the natural mother, but they didn't want to elaborate. >> she always had a smile on her face and had to keep it real. >> reporter: friends and classmates are heartbroken by the way her life ended. she was last seen getting off the bus stop after school on thursday. her naked body was found dumped in the park in fairfield. >> this person cannot get away with it. you take a baby and dump her like a piece of garbage and she wasn't. she was a human being. >> reporter: the fairfield police department has sealed all information related to the murder. still unclear to the public who did this and how they killed
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her and why. family members are planning a vigil for 6:30 friday evening. in fairfield, joe vazquez, kpix 5. another violent death in a quiet sonoma county neighborhood. police have arrested a 24-year- old woman accused of stabbing and killing her own mother. it happened this morning at a home near the ranch here. the 59-year-old nancy was found dead on her bedroom floor. police arrested her daughter charging her with murder as authorities recovered a large kitchen knife they believe was used in the attack. president obama took his campaign against gun control on the road today. they are meeting a lot of resistance on capitol hill, even with his own party. >> we don't have to agrow on
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everything to agree it is time to do something. there won't be perfect solutions. we're not going to save every life, but we can make a difference. that's our responsibility as americans. >> reporter: releasing this photo of the president. today they killed them holding them captive. on what forced the feds here to make their moves. >> reporter: law enforcement officials shook hands, patting each other on the back after the short hostage ended. suspected gunman is dead. known only as ethan, he's safe. >> within the past 24 hours, the negotiations deteriorated.
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and he was observed holding a gun. >> reporter: authorities said they couldn't wait any longer. >> reporter: at this point the fbi agents were fearing that the child was in danger, entered the bunker, rescuing the child. >> reporter: sources say that police entered the bunker through a door, creating some kind of a diversion, quickly moving in. the stand off began last tuesday when they shot the driver dead and kidnapped the boy. the two were held up inside the bunker ever since. talking to police and receiving food and medicine through the ventilation pipe. ethan was reunited with his family and said to be doing well. >> he is laughing, joking, playing, eating. and the things that you would expect the normal 5 to 6-year- old young man to do. >> reporter: they were on the bus with ethan when he was taken last week, glad that he
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is safe. >> i'm happy, relieved. >> reporter: the authorities, they had not revealed further details of the raid or how he died. for cbs news, alabama. a marine suspected of killing the former navy seal is on suicide watch tonight. he is in the texas jail charged with shooting and killing the sniper and his friend. it happened on saturday at the gun range outside ft. worth. neighbors, they cannot believe that the 25-year-old was facing murder charges. >> they're nuts. they are easy going. it's unbelievable that he would snap something like that. weather they said that he suffers from the post-traumatic stress disorder. being held on the $3 million bond. lost and now found. the unusual spot that the scientists found here for king richard the iii's remains. plus his home to the 49ers.
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but what's going to happen to candlestick after the team moves? some of you in the north bay had nearly two feet of rainfall on november into december. then after christmas it stopped after an inch of rain here so far. we'll talk about the next rain chances here coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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britian's great royal myste. the remains of king richard third have been found. found in a grave that's been missing for 500-years. cbs news reporter mark phillips shows ence helped find it's amazing what they could do that has been missing for $500 years. they show us how the modern science helped find the most
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vilified monarch. >> reporter: this is the tower of london, the scene of many dramas over the century. the connection of the drama unfolding here today. they had several of their relatives killed. but that did not help them in the end. >> reporter: the next slide that i'm going to show you is this one first. >> reporter: the century old skeleton, jammed with the hands bound into a sha low grave. it's a long way from the tower of london to the parking lot in the northern english city. but this lot covered over the remains of the ancient church. and it now seems clear of the remains of the long lost king. it has been rumored that he had been buried after being defeated and killed in battle just outside of town five centuries ago. but could this be his remains? dug up from beneath the parking lot and showing what looked
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like this wound. what sounds like csi1485 has found numerous wounds consistent with what happened to losing kings of the medieval battles. >> that would have caused almost the loss of consciousness and that they would have swallowed quickly afterwards. >> reporter: it was pretty convincing. but how do you prove it? luckily you'll be able to find descendents of the family here. his nephew's 167 generations later as you compare the dna. and what do you know? it matches. >> reporter: they point to these remains. >> reporter: pulling all the evidence together will lead the university to the conclusion. >> ladies and gentlemen, it is the academic conclusion of the university of lester that is beyond any reasonable doubt that they will be set in 2012
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and indeed richard the iii for the king of england. >> reporter: they also made much of the other richard the iii deflections. also confirming that the skeleton dug up in lester here as someone said that they were just following a hunch. mark phillips, cbs news, london. we knew he felt fast and even faster than first thought. when he jumped from nearly 128,000 feet above the earth last october, he reached a record speed of 846 miles per hour. it's about ten miles an hour faster than first calculated. i bet his ears popped. what do you think? >> if he was screaming he wouldn't be able to hear himself. >> yes. what's the difference?
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>> yeah, you're moving. >> yes. that was fast. and it is three for three as we're not going to try it. all right, here is what we've got going on weather wise tonight. not a clear night. the new hd oakland camera looking over the airport over the bridge. we're beginning to see the low cloud cover as i expected widespread fog tomorrow morning and along the coastline to get a little drizzle. livermore, san jose, oakland, 48. and again it will be mainly dry as we will have the front moving on through, but it will not bring us any rainfall. concord is 39 tonight. san francisco with the fog moving in as they will stay at 46. and vallejo down to 42. the big change for them moving out. the lower pressure will be moving in here too. not a lot of rainfall, but passing on through tomorrow
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night giving you the fog and low pressure tomorrow. allowing the front eventually to move on through the next front. the one that gets here on thursday. the first measurable rainfall in two weeks. we also have much cooler temperatures, in the low to mid- 50s. likely tomorrow morning for many of you right on the water. showers likely by thursday with a pretty chilly day. and there is not much moisture to deal with. the upper 50s tomorrow at this time of the year. hitting 58. fremont at 57 for danville. san francisco is downtown only 54 degrees. the weekend looks dry and sunny. they're gone for a while. not bad for early february. just a little cooler and cloudier with the rain. >> yeah, we need it. >> all right, thank you, paul.
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the multi-million dollar ac72 racing yacht is back on the bay relaunched this morning three months after being badly damaged. romo was obtained after getting into the confrontation with the tsa agents. romo was being uncooperative and refused to show proper i.d. well yeah, candlestick has outlived their useful life. >> what will happen to the 49ers long-time home stadium after the team leaves? >> we'll have the exploding details coming up. ,, [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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♪ [ female announcer ] the wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. end of an era. and not just for the team. kpix 5 reporter phil matier tells next year will be the end of an era, not just for the team. >> they tell us that candlestick park will be going
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out with a bang. san francisco's legendary candlestick park is going to be imploded, after next year's football season. much the same way that the former home of the dallas cowboys was demolished two years ago. >> candlestick has outlived their useful life. >> reporter: in their place they plan to develop a new shopping mall as they move south to their new home in santa clara. >> that's probably a nuance that nobody wants. >> reporter: although it was built for the san francisco giants to stick with their home here as well. and in 1989, the earthquake struck here in the series. in 1956, also the sight of the beetles last big commercial concert. but lately it is also becoming a source of embarrassment for san francisco. like last year when the lights
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went down in the middle of the nationally televised football game. still they hold a warm spot in peoples hearts. >> it is going to be sad to see it go. a lot of memories there with a lot of good games. >> it's the memory that would last forever, but i love candlestick. >> any chance that we're going to auction off a piece of it? it's for them to have a little piece for their fans. >> one piece of the stick that you might not want to keep is the weather as it is still real cold out here. the a's may not have a new stadium, but they will try to get back to their winning ways next. ,,
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defensive end could face upo three months of rehab.... christian start th reportedly having surgery this week to repair the left tricep. he could face up to three months of rehab. start the clock. they both exchanged greetings. they talk about the nice advantage. they will poke it on in and tieing it at 1 as they did not bounce it here tonight. they will move off the big pick here. and they suffered their first loss in the regulation this season. they report to the a's, requiring the shortstop. and from the five-player trade. he's among the trio of a's that will be headed here. for the second time, he was named western conference player
10:29 pm
of the week. golden state, they went 4-0 last week. the super bowl mvp spent the day riding along with mickey mouse. hi recently found out his wife is pregnant with their second child. >> do you want to play the 49ers again? >> he's a free agent. he should be getting a new contract. now, he'll need the money probably. >> yes. >> you can always argue. i need more money. >> right. >> we'll see you soon. >> see you at 11:00. send mony by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up, the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank.

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